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Health awareness Camp

Environmental Awareness Program

Women Empowerment

Education Counseling

Health Checkup Camp

Save Water & Free Water

Save Tree Activity with Children

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Health awareness Camp

The society conducted many awareness programs in the areas of Ahemdabad. People were informed about problems like Diabetes, AIDS, Blood Pressure, Heart Pressure, Cancer and many other health related problems and also distributes first medical aids to the poor people. We organize medical camps with the help of reputed doctors to provide free consultations, free medicines and various free tests. Health Camps are one of the regular activities of our Society. It is being observed that health camps are very effective and fruitful for increasing health seeking behaviour amongst the beneficiaries. Results we have been getting from the health camps are really wonderful. We provided general medicines to the patients treated through the health camps.

Environmental Awareness Program

As far as work for environmental issues are concern, MAS has been working for creating awareness particularly among youth & children about various issues of environmental concern in Ahemadabad. Awareness activities are being organized to sensitize the general people with special emphasis among School going & non-school going children both. we provide diverse knowledge of environment situations in order to aware them about changing situations. In today’s time people are facing high risk due to global changing, so we try to aware them through our service by organizing seminars. these services teach people how to tackle with these imbalances and create better living. We have organised camp to spread awareness about benefit of Tree Plantation in Ahemadabad (Gujrat) area. Approx 30 people has took participate in campaign.

Cloth Distribution

Manav Adhikar Sangh volunteers of Ahemadabad conducted a ‘Free Clothes Distribution‘ program on the occasion of Dipavali .About 40 women, 10 men and 6 handicapped children from the needy community of Ahemadabad have been given Free Clothes and candies. For about a week, prior to the event, Manav Adhikar Sangh volunteers travelled to every street of the Ahemadabad, identified the low socio economic. Manav Adhikar Sangh volunteers made people aware that such Social Service Activities would be conducted regularly every year and encouraged everyone to participate in serving the community

Save Water and Free Water

We are committed to ensure that all people, irrespective of their origin, are able to get the facility of Water. We had organized workshop on “SAVE WATER” during session we have given techniques to save water and how we can pure water to make it clean.

Art Compitition

ART Competition organised by Manav Adhikar Sangh. So many children took participate in the competition. The best painting were rewarded by certificate to the children's. It was a wonderful activity and experience with the children as they were happy to participate in this activity

Genral Health Checkup

We organised health camp (morning. A small function preceded the check up where President addressed all the women who had come to attend the camp. He talked about the importance of good health and how the good health of the woman of the family can mean the good health of the whole family. He acknowledged that women play a great deal of roles in their lifetime and the people around them are greatly dependent on the women for a safe and healthy lifestyle; may it be as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc. Thus, it is very important that women give importance to themselves, and take more care of their own self so as to work towards a healthier and holistic society as a whole. To provide work from a non-dieting and health at every size approach with a focus on health and overall well-being. we will work with you in a non-judgmental way to meet your unique needs and address your nutrition and health concerns.

Women Empowerment

Manav Adhikar SanghAwakening Women’s Soul’ focuses on empowering women of all age groups, by proving basic resources and strengthening their skills to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, and regain stability and positivity. Manav Adhikar Sangh rescued the society by implementing our programs and giving whatever formal training was possible to the women

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