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What we belive and why


To provide adequate knowledge of digital technology and education to the poor section of all the district of Gujrat.


To have a healthy and selfreliant society where, equal opportunities are made available to the disadvantage mainly the women.


To reduce poverty among rural masses in which women will play a proactive role and to ensure basic infrastructural facilities and to equip them with knowledge, information and skills to cope up their problems by themselves.

Manav Adhikar Sangh Trust was established in l993 by Dr. K.M.Chhatrapati., under the Bombay Act 1956, with an objective of providing education, social welfare & health care to untouchable and poors and other under privileged sections of the society. Before few years there were very less social bodies existed which helped underprivileged sections of society to be part of development. We as Manav Adhikar Sangh have extended our helps to people in form of Education, social, Economic and culturar deveropment. As helping hand to people in Education we have funded bright young students for their studies helped building schools and helped establishing coaching classes and educational institutions ?

For betterment of untouchable and poors, we are planning community hall, vishram gruh and old age homes that helped grow thesociety and come together as one. We have been a constant aid of people in need for jobs and help to fulfil their economic goals. young people in search of jobs has always been given guided by Manav Adhikar Sangh Trust fulfil trust's goal by donation drives and other donations given by trust members. Manav Adhikar Sangh has been also organised medical camps and blood donation drives with always one agenda of helping those who are in need. We have organised seminars, which helps people better understand the government, medical welfare schemes. Manav Adhikar Sangh has always tried to fulfil all the necessary aspects of better and equal society in the past and will always step towards it.

Our Inspiration / Our Ideal

Why are Dr Ambedkar’s ideas so important to understanding the lives of the oppressed today; not just in India but globally? First, Dr Ambedkar was determined to address social reality as it is not just how we’d like it to be; second, he took the perspective of those at the bottom who are oppressed; and third, Dr Ambedkar insisted that the conditions of the poor were the result not of individual disappointments but of the working of the social system under which they lived. Ultimately the question Dr Ambedkar asks of the downtrodden is not ‘Who are we?’, ‘What is our identity?’ but ‘how are we treated?’; and ‘why?’ And so he tells the world that his people are named as Dalit – the downtrodden, the broken. First, he does not separate social inequality from economic inequality, or caste from class. Indeed, Dr Ambedkar was the only person in his time to link the rights of the oppressed classes and the right of Dalits. Secondly, the oppression of caste cannot be treated as a religious matter separate from society and economy. It is well known how critical Dr Ambedkar was of the Hindu scriptural sanction of caste and varna, but he rejected the idea that untouchability was just a cultural or religious matter.[…] The solution to discrimination lay not in religious reform but in legal rights and state intervention on behalf of the downtrodden. In this sense Dr Ambedkar removed the issue of rights from the realm of Hindu religion. The discrimination he fought against was a violation of civic and human rights in any community, any religion, region or country.

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