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Navjivan Hospital

The trust started the Manav Adhikar sangh in 1993by Dr. K.M.Chhatrapati. Trust established hospital in 2001. It was his sole efforts for running a hospital. But in 2003 he died in road accident. The financial support didn't meet the requirements of hospital, led to stop the hospital services. But again in 2019 with the help of Chhatrapati family, we again started the hospital, with the name, " Navjivan Hospital".

Founder - Dr. K.M.Chhatrapati.
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If you wish to help Manav Adhikar sangh in a hands-on way, and to experience our work first hand, why not come and volunteer for us? Come and share your knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm with us in Ahmedabad, India. We are open to volunteers of all background and experience levels, we just ask you have a heart for helping the underprivileged we serve

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Why Manav Adhikar Sangh incorporated ?

Manav Adhikar Sangh

Manav Adhikar Sangh Trust was established in l993,under the Bombay Act 1956, with an objective of providing education, social welfare & health care to untouchable and poors and other under privileged sections of the society. Before few years there were very less social bodies existed which helped underprivileged sections of society to be part of development. We as Manav Adhikar Sangh have extended our helps to people in form of Education, social, Economic and culturar deveropment. As helping hand to people in Education we have funded bright young students for their studies helped building schools and helped establishing coaching classes and educational institution

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Main Objective of

Manav Adhikar Sangh

To improve cultural, educational and social condition of the people undertake multidisciplinary programs and work for democracy, good governance, realization of human rights, international peace, justice and cooperation. To undertake and organize, seminars, workshops, symposium, studies, surveys, feasibility reports, exhibitions in connection with educational system, women empowerment, tribal welfare, food processing industry and other issues. To arrange marriages of adult female and male candidates irrespective of caste creed or color and encourage inter caste marriages in building healthy society and infuse in couples consciousness against social evil. To undertake planned and coordinated development of technical education in the country by ensuring world- class standards of institutions through accreditation and stop commercialization of technical education.

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Manav Adhikar Sangh Helps people to protect against major diseases we have expert doctors and very affordable consulting

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